1988-89 At the GMTA State Convention in November, Ivy Ku, student of Nancy Weintraub, won First Place in the Junior Category. Winner of the Baldwin Competition was Christine Ko. Ana Markovic won in the Junior Compositions Category, and her sister, Ivana, won in the High School category. Christine, Ana, and Ivana were students of Lois Finlay. 

1989-90 NDMTA had 3 First Place winners in the State Convention Auditions: Rita Chen, student of Syang Yin Lin Cheng, was Elementary Division winner; Ivy Ku, student of Nancy Weintraub, was the winner of Junior Division; and Christine Ko, student of Lois Finlay, was the High School Division winner. 

1990-91 Betty Jane Moore’s student, Jon Magid, won the Junior GMTA Composition Contest, and Lois Finlay’s student, Ana Markovic, won the Senior Category. Ivy Ku, student of Nancy Weintraub, won the Junior Piano Division at the GMTA State Auditions for the third time. 

1991-92 The Rachel Howard Scholarship Fund was established in her memory, and the contributions were received. A brochure to advertise NDMTA was distributed to music stores and members. Berry Jane Moore won the MTNA Foundation Grand Prize. 

1992-93 Seven students of NDMTA teachers were winners in the Bach Competition. Teachers participating were Eriko Roux, Frances Shi, Vicki Key, Lois Finlay, and Linda O’Brien. Ivy Ku, student of Nancy Weintraub, was the winner of the GMTA State Concerto Competition. A T-shirt fund-raiser was organized by Mamie Yielding and Nancy Weintraub to bring in contributions to the Rachel Howard Fund. 

1993-94 NDMTA celebrated our 30th anniversary. LaNelle Nash, Pat Gary, and Linda O’Brien represented NDMTA at the MTNA National Convention in Washinton, D.C. Yu-Kai Lin, student of Syang Yin Lin Cheung, placed first in the 9th Grade Category in the GMTA Spring Auditions. Teresa Hsu, student of Lois Finlay, was first in the 7th Grade Category. 

1994-95 NDMTA, in its 31st year, continued a long tradition of excellent programs and activities. LaNelle Nash, Chairperson of the Rachel Howard Scholarship Fund, announced that NDMTA would begin presenting student awards in 1996-97. In February, 118 students participated in the Student Festival, chaired by Phoebe Dickens, and in March, 82 students competed in the GMTA Local Auditions.