Festival Date Saturday, February 1, 2020
Registration Deadline Postmarked January 5, 2020
Registration Fee $15 per student for Ensemble work
$20 per concerto entrance (fee not required for accompanist)
Location Piano Works
2785 Buford Highway, Duluth, Georgia
Chairperson Julie Vann Vu, julievannvu@gmail.com
Co-chair Wendy Vann, wmvann7@yahoo.com
Scheduling Requests for performance time schedule changes will not be honored once the master schedule has been distributed to teachers by mail or email
Registration Forms Registration form (except for Concerto)
Registration form for Concerto
Purpose The purpose of the Student Ensemble Olympics Festival is to foster the study of ensemble repertoire of all levels and type and to offer members’ students the opportunity for ensemble performance.


Student Preparation

  1. Two or more students may perform 1 or 2 ensemble works within the time limit of 5 minutes. Repertoire being performed should be what has been listed on the registration form.
  1. Registration fee must be collected by the teacher who will in turn submit one check from his/her studio for his/her total number of entries
  2. Students will perform in small groups at a designated recital time and will be awarded their medal at the end of the recital.



  1. A registration form for each ensemble group will be mailed to the chairperson by the Registration


  1. You may photocopy as many registration forms as you require.
  2. Any special scheduling requests MUST be noted on the registration form. Once the master schedule has been prepared, there will be no opportunity for change.
  3. Send all registration forms to the chairperson along with ONE entry fee check for the total amount of the registration. Make the check to NDMTA.


Ensemble Olympics Festival Guidelines

  1. Teachers entering students are responsible to be present or have a teacher representative in their place on the day of the Student Ensemble Olympics Festival to assist in the concert and to present awards their
  2. Each ensemble should submit ONE registration form with all members of that ensemble listed on the same f Students may enter more than once, provided they are playing different repertoire with a different ensemble group and should pay another entry fee. In the event a student wishes to enter and requires an accompanist, the teacher, a parent, or a sibling may provide that service without paying the registration fee, but the accompanist will not receive a medal.
  3. All performers are requested to arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled performance ti
  4. If a student does not arrive at their designated time, the time is forfeited or re-established at the discretion of the chairperson
  5. No arbitrary scheduling changes will be honored Extenuating circumstances may be considered by the chairpersons.
  6. The teacher must estimate the playing time of the ensemble repertoire
  7. Ensembles need not be memorize
  8. Students are responsible for original music. NO PHOTOCOPIED MUSIC will be permitted
  9. There will be no make-ups scheduled and entry fee is non-refundable
  10. Teachers are urged to counsel both students and parents on appropriate performance attire and etiquette, including bowing before and after the performance. Students will perform in the order of the program
  11. It is the teacher’s responsibility to communicate the performance time to the students.