Directions to GSU-the Standard Building

2015 Rachel Howard Sonatina & Sonata repertoire list

2015 Rachel Howard Sonatina&Sonata Competition Judge’s Rating

2015 Sonata+& Sonatina Competition Application (complete work)

2015 Sonata & Sonatina Competition Application (one movement)


Competition Date & Location  October 14, 2017 (Saturday)
Georgia State University – The Standard Building 91 Fairlie Street, Atlanta, GA 30303
Winners’ recital Date & Location:  October 15, 2017 (Sunday)
Piano Works- 2805 Buford Hwy Duluth GA, 30096
Application deadline: Postmarked by SEPTEMBER 15, 2017
Chairpersons:  Viola Tan, Miao-fen Lin


Teacher: A teacher must be a member of North Dekalb MTA and must attend two meetings between August 2016 and Sept 2017.

Student: School grades K-12


Please submit the following to:
Laurel Harrell
4020 Chadds Walk,
Marietta, GA 30062

on or before the application deadline: All forms and judge comment sheet can be downloaded from the above link

  1. An application form (ONE MOVEMENT ONLY/ COMPLETE WORK).
  2. A judge comment sheet for each student (Please fill in repertoire information and the performing time).
  3. $ 20 registration fee payable to NDMTA per event.

Note: A student may enter to play one movement only and/or complete work of sonatina/sonata. If a student enters to play one movement AND a complete sonatina/sonata, he/she needs to play two DIFFERENT repertoires, submit two different application forms (one for one movement only and one for complete work), and pay for two different audition times (2 X $20).


  • Lower Elementary
  • Upper Elementary
  • Lower Intermediate
  • Mid Intermediate
  • Upper Intermediate
  • Advanced Age 13 & younger
  • Advanced Age 14 & 15
  • Advanced Age 16 to 18
  1. Please use the “suggested” repertoire list as a reference to determine that category for the student. The only categories that have age restrictions are the three advanced categories:
    Advanced age 13 and younger on September 1 of competition year
    Advanced age 14, and 15 on September 1 of competition year
    Advanced age 16 to 18 on September 1 of competition year
  2. The “suggested” repertoire list was compiled using the repertoire that was entered in the past competitions. We are not limited to only these selections. If you have a question about a piece that is not on the list, please contact the chairman so that it can be added and an appropriate category assigned.
  3. In the lower elementary, upper elementary, and lower intermediate category; there are pieces that do no have Op numbers or any catalog number e.g. sonatinas in C major by Latour, by Haslinger, by Lichner, and others. Please send a photocopy of at least one page of the repertoires with the application form so the competition committee can classify them correctly.


  1. Each participant will receive a certificate with rating and a judge comment sheet. There are three levels of rating: Outstanding Performer, Award of Excellence, and Honorable Mention. Results will be announced at the end of the competition of each category. All the certificates and judges comment sheets will be sent to the teachers after the competition.
  2. Winners from each category will receive winners’ certificates and monetary prizes. Numbers of winners and the amount of monetary prizes will be determined.
  3. Winners will perform and receive prizes at the winners’ recital


  1. Teachers are responsible to submit the application forms, judge comment sheets, and payment for their students on or before the application deadline (see APPLICATION & PAYMENT section above). All documents must be clearly printed or typed.
  2. All teachers entering students in the competition are required to work on the day of the competition. The scheduling of the teacher’s work time and duties will be done shortly after the competition chairperson receives the applications. Teachers will be provided in advance the information about their assignments

*MOST TEACHERS USUALLY TEACH ON SATURDAYS so be prepared to reschedule your regular teaching in order to work at the competition.


  1. Students must play by memory.
  2. Students must have original scores, with measures numbered, and brought to the audition.
  3. Students must be dressed in formal or semi-formal attire. Students wearing inappropriate attire such as jeans, sneaker, and flip-flops will be disqualified.
  4. Students are required to check in at least 20 minutes before assigned performance time.
  5. Parents, please check the venue and the commute in advance of the competition.
  6. Parents and students must maintain a quiet environment while waiting.
  7. Parents will be asked to wait by the registration desk until the student is finished.